Our main training area is 1700 square feet and proudly padded with state-of-the art Fuji Mats to maximize comfort, safety, and (most importantly) longevity while training.

Large, open training room with padded walls and floor for safe training.

Our secondary training area touts an additional 500 square feet of padded mat space where students can warm up, drill techniques, and take private sessions.

Our conditioning and strength training area promotes health for both Jiu Jitsu practitioners and families alike. Lift weights, swing kettlebells, get your heart pumping on a treadmill, or work a heavy bag.

The facility is well equipped with separate locker rooms for men and women to safely stash your gear during class. There are plenty of showers too, so you’ll be fresh to tackle the rest of your day after class.

Lake Effect Martial Arts is located inside the Urbandale Plaza at the corner of George Urban Boulevard and Dick Road in Depew, NY. It’s stationed between the Hobby Lobby and DMV for those who may have difficulty with its exact location.

2106 George Urban Blvd, Depew, NY 14043
(716) 395-3451